1979: AMC was established.
1996: AMC sign contract with Peugeot Egypt stating to develop the brake discs and drums manufacturing, and Front strut assembly.
1998: AMC sign the contract with DME to assemble the Front struts and rear axles for passenger vehicles including AMC brake discs and drums.
1999: AMC sign contract with Citroen Egypt to assemble the Front struts, rear axles and Engine cradle assembly for passenger vehicle including AMC brake discs, and drums.
2001: Alexandria bibliotheca steel structure works
2002: AMC sign contract with Nissan Egypt to assemble the Commercial Car Front strut including our Brake disc and ductile iron Hub.
2002 Triplex Components Machining Commissioned Mira to carry out a number of tests on AMC brake discs & drums designed for the Land Rover Defender & Freelander models as supplied by Amreya Metal Company. The tests were specified by Land Rover Ltd as the minimum requirement to allow production sign off. All of the tests were carried out according to the specifications provided and we passed all the requirements set by Land Rover were met.
2003: AMC started to supply Suzuki Egypt with the rear Drum and steering arm till now.
2004: AMC awarded with ISO 9001-2000 QMS Certificate.
2008: AMC started to supply TRW with different types of casted brake discs and drums.
2010: AMC awarded with ISO 9001-2008 QMS Certificate.
2011: AMC won a tender to deliver the Brake Shoe to the Egyptian Rail Way.
2012: Our Products were certified and registered with the National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitation.
2012: New investments to double existing capacity to reach 14,400 ton annually.
2012: AMC start the developing new markets in north Africa in Morocco and Algeria.